it is new year's eve...
and i am full of resolutions,
plans, goals, lists and expectations
for 2008.

to break it down...

-take more pictures, mess with the camera more, experiment...
-create more/make more/write more/imagine more
-really try to aim towards next year's craft fair at christmas...start now.
-healthier-drink more water/less pop---NO aspartame.
-walk more even though i now have a license...hahaha.
-write real letters.

-spend more time with S doing things that we things
-quality time with kids...sledding, game nights, etc

-get bills under control
-get S's business plan with goals and follow through
-decide what we eventually want to do with each of the rooms not yet
done in our house...floorplan, decide, list what we need and budget...
-get house painted

-learn more about simply accounting

i know this seems like a lot...but we'll see...
i love new year's...
happy new year's to you!