friday-i'm-in-love (with-the-everyday-stuff)

i originally took this photo as an idea for the
celebration theme
for SPC
but then, didn't use it...

i love the SUPER was brought
into the office to keep me from (quitting) freezing
and it throws off an immense amount of heat
i love the retro graphic SUPER FURNACE
and saying SUPER FURNACE just like that...
( is in this post that i admit how strange i really am)

my book...
my go-everywhere-list-everything-hold-everything-
in-with-2-rubber-bands book...
initially...i wasn't sure...
it wasn't my color...
and i had never used spiral bound before

but the pages make an endearing crinkly sound
when i turn them
and i have stuffed it with bookmarks and
printed off recipes
and song lyrics
and lists of lists with more lists listing lists.

and on the back, i have rubber-banded
my favorite-ist blank paper pad
sent to me by the cutest l'il blogger
so that i have no excuse not to doodle
(please excuse the dark pictures)

my constant companion,
my connection..
my plug-in
that provides
my connection
to all of you...