5 really good things on a wednesday...

-after a week of relaxed rock band playing,
easter egg hunting, full days spent in pajamas,
breakfast at noon if you so choose, march break
fun and excitement for the kids...
we are back to our normal routine.
as much i love the break,
i am a sucker for organization and timeframes.
i work better in those conditions.

-longer days...sunshine...still cold...but brighter.

-eight pausing the rock band game so that i would
be sure to give him a kiss good-bye...

-knowing we just barely squeaked by in getting our
leonard cohen tickets....there were only about 12
seats left when i finally got through by phone...

-and this...this l'il bit of sweetness sent to me by the
adorable and oh-so-talented marianne of applehead.
i LOVE it...really and truly...marianne...you should
be writing and illustrating books....your characters
have so much to say just in their facial expressions!
i especially love the sock on the head page...
thank you for thinking of me!

my inspiration....