creative check-in {tally-up three} {and the life list}

i feel like creatively this week
i had a hard time...
with spring in the air, i'm trying hard
to tone up and slim down
and that has been my focus for this week.

i have gotten some new things started,
just nothing finished.

but a new list...
the beginning of my
"life list"
{with more to be is my "life" list, after all}

  • go to italy
  • skydive
  • see the skydiggers
  • grow sunflowers
  • make my own salsa
  • reread all of margaret atwood's books
  • write a story
  • try to publish something someday somewhere
  • take a sewing class
  • declutter my house
  • put our photos into scrapbooks
  • get photos off the computer so they can be put into scrapbooks
  • teach the kids to play scrabble
  • have a lilac tree {with flowers i can reach}
  • go to disney world
  • drink more water, eat better, exercise more CONSISTENTLY
  • find a job that i love ALL the time
  • plant strawberries
  • make a quilt
  • go rock climbing
  • ride a real rollercoaster
to be continued....