a late tally up...{week4}{life list con't}

i did not tally up on saturday
because i had
a really bad day.

and so,
i give you
the life list
part two...

  • photograph all the churches and graveyards where i live
  • take more time to drive and take pictures and write
  • bake bread from scratch
  • move to the country
  • own a hammock
  • learn to use photoshop
  • go back to school
  • be more honest with my friends, be more of "me" around them
  • let at least one "real" person know about my blog
  • write some "real" letters
  • learn more about computers
  • build a tree house
  • make a deal with C and M {childhood best friends} to plan to do one thing a month together, each person can take turns deciding what it is...

and because i'm in a list-y kind of mood....
here are my 5 really good things on a wednesday...
  1. the feeling that bills are finally caught up and the possibility of consolidation loan will really ease our minds....
  2. hearing 8 belting out the words sweet little woman as 12 accompanies him on guitar...{rock band is still a major hit}
  3. reading the constant princess....i can't put it down, actually, i'm almost done and ready to buy the next one...
  4. sun...sun...sun...
  5. the ease and comfortable pace of march break...no lunches, no early morning band practice, no homework!
go see liz...really...go see her...