poemless post on the last day of post-a-poem

you will have to
this poem-less
on the last day
of post-a-poem-a-day month
my twelve
gets on a bus
for a four hour bus ride
for the first time...

my heart broke
as eight sat in the back seat
of the car with twelve
last night
and told her
that "she might feel some anxiety
when it was time to go,
that her stomach might hurt
but that it was ok,
she would just be worried about going away."

my heart breaks now
as i whisper to myself
that its ok for my stomach to hurt like this,
i'm just anxious, i'm just worried...
as my i whisper to myself
she's a big now{i'm a big girl}
she can handle this{i can handle this}
and i count down the seconds
til friday at five.