post-a-poem, april one

if i could peel back
this wall,
would i find
what i'm searching for?
a lost conversation
between you and me,
scrawled with pink marker
on green wallpaper
covered in Raggedy Anne and Andy?

bunched between
the i rock's and U rule,
the i heart billy idols,
and we love bon jovi
would i find a quiet
BFF...{best friends forever}
a testament from you
to me?

i try to peel
but it sticks and breaks,
it rips
it tears
it just won't return
to how it used to be

it remains as it is...
a fragmented
one sided

the prompt for inspire me thursday was wallpaper...
which brought on this poem
and also my new banner which resulted from
trying to make wallpaper in illustrator