post-a-poem, april seven {aunts}

it is her voice
that i remember most,
her voice that signifies
to me.

when i try to think of how
she looks now
or even how she looked then,
it is her voice
that i see in my mind.

smoky and craggy
with just a bit of my mother's inflection
but more of a warble,
a rolling, a call.

i was her favored one,
the favorite niece of a crazy aunt
who claimed ESP
and knew you were coming
before your call.

the prompt was aunts at readwritepoem
on a sidenote: my blog turns THREE today...
what started off as a place to vent about not
being able to get a mortgage has turned into
a major part of my life...has given me a place
to be creative, has allowed me to "meet"
others that like the same things i do, and has
led me to new friends...

and for the first time since i have started blogging,
i plan on doing a giveaway...a surprise....
a name will be picked randomly from the

would it be wrong to make my blog a cake?