post-a-poem, april ten {trying something new}

today has been a relatively silent day but oh such a
good one really, nobody here but me and my notebook,
my camera and some diet coke (although really it would
be better if i had chips, too) oh, and the computer. all
day just daydreaming and doodling and planning
and sketching and scheming and quiet. i have not even
put the radio on. i'm just...quiet. not the silent anger or
sadness that comprised saturday- just quiet.

i savor this silence but inside i wait for you to return and pull me out of myself.

i am not sure about this one,
i wanted it to be prose-like
but i have such an issue with
where i break the lines...
this goes against my grain
to write across the page.
and even then, the margins
affected how it looked in the end.
nothing ventured, nothing gained.