sincerely, l. cohen

going to see leonard cohen sunday night
was totally surreal....

when i was about nineteen,
i worked in a record store
and mentioned to a customer once that
i like leonard cohen and would be interested in reading
his poetry but couldn't find any of his books...
the next day,
the customer brought me 5 books
and said he'd come back for them sometime...
he never did.

when i was in university
i played leonard cohen on repeat on my cd player
for days at a time...
my roommates grew to hate him
but i never got tired of him.

my husband and i danced at our wedding
to dance me to the end of love...

{and this has to be said...the man is 74 and
did 3 encores...he is adorable...and that voice...sigh}

edited to add: there is a video here but i'm not sure if
anyone else can see it but me?