eeeeek...i was almost late...

i was almost late for the tea party at fanciful twist!!
i ran out of sprite
and had to settle for ginger ale,
and then it rained
and my hair got wet
which meant all the red/purple temporary color ran out of my hair and onto my gown...
my pumpkin had a flat,
the goblin who works at the gas station
had gone out for pizza
so i had to change the tire myself
and since i left my magic wand
up in the tree the other day
{please don't ask why i was in the tree,
i will cry with embarrassment, i really will}
i had to really change it myself
and so...
i am late.

but i am here now
and mmmm...whoops...i almost dropped my
cupcake...trying to put my hat on...
{will you be upset if some of purple hair
color bleeds onto the hair is
still damp...oh..i knew you wouldn't mind,
because you are soooo sweet}

{this was fun.}
{go get your tiara and come along...
i have room in the's a bit of a gas guzzler
but i just can't let go of her...she's a classic, you know.}