movie mania and cosmic bowling...

in a concentrated effort
to spend more "quality" time with our kids
{while they still want to}
{and even that is debatable at this point}
we have established a "family fun night"

friday before last, we went to see the new narnia.
personal opinion?
it was not as good as the first.
save your money and wait for dvd.
but playing air hockey with twelve...
and seeing her giggle fits in the theatre...
encouraging {daring} eight to go stand up front
and do his "no bonez" dance...
seeing twelve laid out on two seats fast asleep
{for almost all of the movie}

this was all very much worth the 60+ dollars it cost us to go.

this saturday night, we went cosmic bowling...
it was fun...and the kids liked it...and it was relatively
inexpensive...i think we will do it again...

other options include:
-getting a family pass for the local water park that does NOT
cost an arm and a leg
-springing for at least one trip to the water park that DOES
cost an arm and a leg
-swimming at the pool
-drive in
-mini putt
-exploring the trails

any suggestions?
{keeping in mind, where we live, options are
fairly limited.}

oh...and have you seen penelope yet?
i heart reese witherspoon
{i may have mentioned this before}
and also, christina ricci...

but the sets are so gorgeous....
very pretty to watch.

and a good story, too.

happy monday to you.