things running through my head...

at this moment?

  • why aren't my string beans coming up? everyone else's are. i've planted mine twice now.
  • is 12 really old enough to have a boyfriend?
  • should i let 12 have a boyfriend?
  • does she even want a boyfriend yet?
  • i wish i felt more sore today after going to pilates last night...i don't really feel sore at that a bad sign for a class that cost me 13 dollars?
  • should i add a picture to this post?
  • it's almost time for me to go to work.
  • i would sooner stay home.
  • if i put the tin flower pots i bought yesterday outside, won't they rust in the rain?
  • normally, i like rust...but i don't think it would suit these pots.
  • i wish i was going to see the tragically hip next week.
  • i can't wait for the fireworks.
  • what about supper tonight?
  • the chicken linguine was good last night...thanks to pioneer woman
  • time for work.