in the blink of an eye,
she has turned thirteen.

i have already the story
of how she came to us...

i see in her
glimmers of what she will be...
of what is to come.

she knows her own mind
and although she will try to see your side,
sometimes her mind is just already made up.
she knows what she likes and
what she doesn't.
she likes anything eighties, hot pinks and lime greens,
ac dc, twisted sister, her ipod, playing rockband and sing star...
she likes watching cheesy game shows on tv,
her best friend bekka and strawberry shortcake.
she likes to build things.

she doesn't like stereotypes, especially gender based.
she doesn't like anything too preppy for clothes,
doesn't like really baggy clothes or too tight,
no coconut cream pie, no lemon meringue...
she doesn't like slow music.
she doesn't like anyone else picking on her little brother,
other than her.

she is funny and sweet and smart and sarcastic...
she is my baby, my first...
my emma jayne.