5 really good things on a wednesday...

-fresh string beans in my fridge and the promise
of a corn boil at my mom's this weekend to look
forward to.

-back to school items all bought and labeled,
ready and waiting...excited kids...can't wait
to get back to normal routine...{and nine
o'clock bedtimes, heehee}

-the offer from a friend who is starting a
new business involving becoming a personal
trainer to take me on as a "guinea-pig-client"
and whip me into shape...this could be fun...
could be...i hope this is fun...

-a job offer that was declined
but made me happy to know that they
thought of me

-buying this book in anticipation of reading
to 8 every night {and 13, if she feels like
letting her mom read to her, even just for
a little bit each night}