5 really good things on a wednesday...

~ getting an email from one of my
favorite blog-friends
asking me if i would like to collaborate
with her on this...i am so excited...
{she is super talented...}

~ spending the weekend in a beautiful hotel in another city,
just S. and me...a surprise for our tenth anniversary...

~a phone call asking if i would like a chance to have a showing
of my photos...it is called 30 days of fame and is for new
photographers/artists...i am so excited/intimidated!
mine is booked for april...

~getting stopped in the mall and asked if i ever do weddings...
and would i do theirs?
again, excitement tinged with fear.

~losing 1.7 pounds at last week's weigh in...tonight is
my second one and i am hoping this weekend away
is not my downfall...heehee