because i'm feeling list-y...

things that i am working on
{or thinking of working on}:

1. knitting the pink blanket
(no planned recipient as of yet)

2. working through the artists way (again)
along with this hardcore rollerderby cutie
(and so far, i have only started morning pages)

3. making a nativity set as a gift for a close
friend (planning stages)

4. trying to win a trip to cuba on our
local radio station

5. weight loss (down 2 more pounds last week)

6. getting photoshop installed on my computer
(which has to be formatted first)

7. birthday gift for my bff...homemade...
(not started yet)
8. taking pictures...current obsessions include:
cemetarys, fall, practicing on 13 and 9,
and the transformation of our house
(which is being painted as we speak)