friday-i'm-in-love...the anniversary version

i am in love
with this guy...

who gets me...
really and truly gets me.
more than i get myself sometimes.

we've been married ten years today
and there were people
who thought we would never last
having built our beginning on
a very dramatic foundation.

but we have lasted
and grown stronger...
i feel like anything i want to say
would be cliched and lame and not
come across as i want it to.

but what i can say
i am in love with him
as surely and strongly as i was
the night he pushed me against the wall
and kissed me hard
and fast
at the red light...

i love that on the outside
he is the big guy, the tough guy,
the full of jokes and booming voice,
but inside,
for me...
he is soft and sweet
understanding and thoughtful...

i'm so looking forward to another ten years...
and more.