and i am
this weekend...
a short family road trip friday night
ending with a late supper at east side marios
chocolate and chips and a movie
with the kids last night
and today we are going picking apples
{and maybe trying my
hand at apple pie...maybe}
turkey at my parents
with all the fixin's and all the family...
the sun is shining,
i am down two more pounds,
i bought a shirt last night
that i love, love, love...
{with the unexpected help of two
males who were helping their mother shop...
when i came out of the dressing room
to look in the mirror
they proclaimed, " HAVE
to get that shirt...very nice...try
going up a size, that material may shrink}
and when i went to pay,
the clerk told me that the two guys
picked out some jewelry
for the "girl trying on the brown shirt"
to look at...}
{my face was 3 shades of red.}

the house is almost finished
and we succeeded in not telling anyone
we are trying to keep it a secret until
next weekend...heh....we'll see.
this started as just a happy thanksgiving
but turned out much longer...
i know most of my readers
don't seem to be canadian
{except i do see someone from my island
showing up regularly...big wave!!}
but happy thanksgiving to those
who are celebrating...
and happy weekend to everyone else!!