baby steps forward...{napoblomo day 3}

it's little bits at a time
but it's progress regardless:

husband's new business~
bought a new calculator
bought some letter trays
finished another chapter of manual bookkeeping course

got a new comfy chair to replace gross old chair
bought a new table and lamp to go next to chair
{loving this corner now}

my business~
looking into freewebs program as an inexpensive
website option for now, something with templates,
which i need...
got my own computer...yay, no more sharing with kids!!
got to play with it!

weight loss~
{totally backsliding...halloween is kicking my ass}

what i am wondering is if any of you have any
thoughts on the whole website thing? i think
freewebs looks ok...i can get my own domain name,
it's not overly expensive and i really don't know
anything about designing my own site without much as i would love to know how
to do that...i just don't at this point.

so...if anyone has suggestions or advice...
my ears are wide open.