big heavy hope...{nablopomo day 17}

sidenote...this is the photo i am entering
in greeblemonkey's too-cool photo contest...
wish me luck...and go check it out!!
and what is written below
is unrelated to the contest
regardless how badly i want to win...

there is something out there
that i want
that i want so bad
i can almost taste it

and it tastes like
and reassurance...

i can touch it,
i just can't get a firm grip
on it...
it is slippery and so
close to sliding away from me
if i could just get a chance...
if i could just get it a little more
in my grasp...

there is something out there
that i am hoping for
that i am wanting
and needing and coveting...
and right now
hope feels heavy
as i wait
with all the remaining factors
out of my control...

i hate waiting.