friday i'm in love {nablopomo day 21}

~13 had her first showband concert last night...
she got up on that stage in front of an auditorium
full of people and sang...a little of it solo...
this blows me away...
and was so calm and cool...
not a hint of emotion
{although she assured me later that she was nervous
for the first one...they performed 3 times that day}
i was so heartbreakingly proud.
and happy for her...this was something that she
really really wanted to do...
and she did it.

~having my parents at the concert...
and my dad, being his typical self...
reading the song names out loud,
very his deep voice...when
all else was silent...heehee...

~green jujubes

~that i was prepared to be disappointed
in greys anatomy last night
and i was so not disappointed...
yeah, the izzie and denny thing is a little
weird and dragging on
but callie...
that line she said to mark
about her life right at the beginning
of the show
was excellent
in my own opinion...
i wish i could find it word for word...
it was perfect.
{and here is where i start to wonder
if maybe i am not a little too invested
in the lives of the interns at seattle grace}
{and i reassure myself that no.
it is not a soap opera.
not really.
it's on at night.
soap operas are on at three.
like another world.}

happy friday!