the story of the green {kermit} coat...{nablopomo day 23}

i first saw the
coat when i was
about 18...

i was shopping with my
at-the-time boyfriend...
my first ever real boyfriend
i might add...
{who went on to teach me that
love can really suck and not to change
yourself to fit into someone else's
jigsaw puzzle of life, but that is
a whole other post...}

the coat.

i immediately fell in love.

it was 350.00.

so out of my price range.

because some people buy
awesome gifts
to make up for what a
they can regularly be,
i received the coat for christmas.

i wore that coat all the time...
i was known for that coat...

and i think that is part of why i
continue to hold onto it...
not because of sentimental reasons
regarding who i received it from
{far from it}
but because it reminds me of me,
of me then...and how far i've come
and even though i had made myself small
in that one relationship
i also let myself stand out
in that kermit-coat.