april 09 post-a-poem {7}

worms in the park
a shotgun in the closet
lies in the dark
cowboy junkies
captain crunch and chocolate milk
gravel pits and a motorbike
don't cut your hair

red hot chili peppers
1 floor down
toques and a nose ring
mosh pits
8 kids?
drug addict.

raincoat and rubber boots
standing beside my bus in the rain
running baths
stolen photographs
walk away and don't explain

happenstance meeting
don't step on the cracks
tree built from other people's memories
snow angels
and heart attacks

playhouses, parkades and hard, fast kisses
climbing staging, forgotten keys
penny candy
and don't blow away without me...

RWP Prompt

edited to add: i don't know how long i will keep this one.