friday i'm in love...{links!}

sometimes i am just smitten with what other people
can do, create, imagine, design, pull forth....
here are a few of the things that
have been blowing my mind recently:

~i stumbled across this blog and found this amazing
in which everyone wins (!!) and it has
been extended until june great is that!
i totally love the dandelions and want the swirly tree
and would put polka dots on my new computer
and bubbles in my bathroom....sigh...gorgeous!!

~i have always been a faithful reader
of this talented uber-cool sweetie
and she recently brought this to my attention...
how exciting is this!!
i LOVE real, love, love...check it out...
there is still time to sign up!

~and wow...this just blew my mind...and unfortunately,
i didn't write down whose blog i saw this on yesterday...
but i will add it if my memory gets jogged...
but this artist this is awesome
and imaginative and whimsical and wow.
it makes me gush. seriously. amazing.

~and so could anyone not adore this?
so tiny, so sweet, that little dress...sigh.

have i totally linked you all out yet?
happy friday!!