monday almost midnight...

i have all kinds of things i want to show you
but have been holding back
because i am a linear thinker.

i feel like i have to edit my photos by order
in which they are taken.
and the things that i want to show
were taken in may.
but the over-1000 photos that i took in april
have not been edited and gone through yet...
therefore, my compulsive nature
will not let me even look at the may photos.

{this sounds so much stranger when i try to type it out}

so instead i will tell you this:

i just devoured this book in one afternoon
and it was fantastic...i laughed so hard at the santa claus/
st nicholas part that i woke 9 up and he came to
see what was wrong with me...

i am hoping to get my new computer tomorrow!! {fingers crossed!}

i watched this and loved it...great, great story...