5 truths on a friday morning...

~i am happy today.
today i am happy.
there are dirty dishes lining the cupboard
and laundry that should be
out on the line...
one kid still in bed
and the other watching mindless tv
eating waffles with no shirt on
and yet, i am happy...
tonight i will take pictures for a
freelance job, spend time with
friends i haven't seen for too long of a
time and possibly be hungover in the
but i'm happy right now...
at this very moment.

~i feel a change coming on...
i love blogger, i do...
but i feel like i might be ready
for a change...
it's been over 4 years now...
i don't know.

~i have felt the urge to express
myself more in words lately...
not that i don't want to in photos
but i think i relied heavily on photos
for quite a while...
and my words felt sparse and
when i did try to write...i felt
like i was forcing them...and they
came out sounding strained
and unfamiliar.

~i am reading diana gabaldon's series
right now...i am on the second one...
and not sure that i am loving them
but know that now that i have started them,
i will eventually finish them...
i am that kind of girl.

~i have been watching episodes of
laverne and shirley...facts of life...
happy days...and i love this...i could
care less if i ever watched "new" tv
again if i could watch old tv all the
time...{and i remember all the
words to the theme songs...which
also makes me insanely happy}