today i turned 39.

this is my last year in the 30's.

i spent the day ::
~getting the kids ready to go back to school

~finding a squirrel at the top of the basement steps,
staring at me...as i quickly slammed the door....

~having lunch with one best friend before going to
a wake for the step father of another best friend

~coming home to find out the squirrel had gotten
into the house and was in the living room, attached
to the blinds, terrified...waited outside for my
husband to come home, catch it under a blanket
and set it loose in the backyard {hoping it does
not find it's way back in}

~chinese food for supper with husband and kids
listening to an avid breakdown of their first day back...

~back to wake this evening with husband,
who couldn't go this afternoon...

the other thing i also worked on today
was a new mondo-beyondo-GRANDE version
list...i have done one before but i feel that
since this is my last year in my 30's ....
it warrants a list of it's own...
a big list...an inspiring list...
a list of epic proportions...
but due to the strangeness of my day,
it won't be posted until later.

i have high hopes for 39.
cross your fingers for me...
{oh. and some of my list involves some of you.}
{just so you know...a heads up...heh}