day ten...i have made it to double digits...

100 ideas by keri smith::number eight:
Find a photo of a person you do not know. Write a brief bio about them.

her name was sue.
her mom called her susie q
and susan alice whitby walker
when she was really mad...
which didn't happen often,
because sue
was a good girl.

she got straight a's.
she kept her room clean.
she ate all of her supper all of the time
even the turnips.
she said she wanted to be a teacher
when she grew up,
just like mrs. malone
who was her current favorite teacher.

but really...
deep down...
way down in the pit of her stomach
where she hid all of her secrets...
she didn't want to be a teacher
and she hated turnip.

she wanted to be a rodeo clown.

the big red shoes,
the happenstance makeup
starting to smear with sweat...
the handmade outfit
complete with clumsy stitches
and a patch on the bum...

rodeo clowns were dangerous.

they were fearless.

they stopped the bull when no one else could,
when the cowboy ran away
it was the rodeo clown that saved him.