day which i make lists...

100 ideas by keri smith::number 11
Make a list of everything you buy in the next week.

i was a little confused by this one,
to be honest...
things that i would buy in the next week
or things i had bought...
things i want to buy
or things i should buy
{in comparison to things i can buy}
and then i thought
you know what....

i'm reading too much into this.

it's my list...
so it became things i would/could/should.
{would if i could but i should...}

and since today is friday i'm in love
i also wanted to share something
i am so proud of...
inspired loosely, i think, by kelly rae
(how could you not be inspired by her)
i painted this on the front of my new journal

it was one of those times that
what was happening in my head
was matching what was coming out
on paper...

everytime i look at it...
it makes me happy.

other friday i'm in love's::

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afternoon naps

good news regarding photography business
{another step forward}

this list which sucked up a lot of time but
gave me so many ideas in return!

the book i am reading right now...