day twenty-five....i digress

with a story...
(or the beginnings of one..)

Imogene Green liked the smell of fresh cut grass.
She did not like her name. Her father (who was,
as her mother said, a character) named her Imogene.
He said he always liked that name but Imogene
suspected that it was because it would rhyme
easily with other words. Her father, the character,
was constantly rhyming things...including her name.
And not usually was it ever Imogene Green, the
beauty queen. More often than not, it was Imogene
Green, the lean green bean and Imogene the mad green
machine. You get the picture.

Apart from her name, Imogene hated her arms. They
were long and skinny and bent at opposite angles. Adults
said she was double jointed but the other kids just said
she was weird.

Despite all of this, Imogene was happy. She didn`t
have a lot of friends...well...she didn`t really have any,
but she had the imagination the size of a house, the size
of a house with a swimming pool. Most of the other kids
in her grade 5 class only had an imagination the size of
a shed...and a tool shed at that! If they had any at all,
which Imogene doubted. Especially some of the other
girls. Especially some of the meaner girls. Especially
one girl in particular who was extremely mean and
not very nice and possessed no imagination at all...
Imogene was sure of this. Mary Beth Butler could
not possibly have a speck of imagination. Even her
name was boring. (And also, Mary Beth was incredibly
mean to Imogene.)

Imogene didn`t mind school but she certainly didn`t
love it. She hated math and how all of those numbers
on the page just would not stay still for her. Instead
they wriggled and danced and sometimes, they just
simply squiggled off the page and flew out the window.
Imogene would watch them, the 8 landing in a tree,
the pair of 5`s darting in the sky at each other playing
some sort of air tag. A group of numbers would get
together and fly like geese in a V formation which Imogene
thought was very clever--numbers pretending to be letters.
Pretending to be something that was
something Imogene could easily understand.