on my father's birthday
i grew a 3 dimensional tunnel out of paper,
planted jellybeans and grew dandelions as tall as the sun
i took off my socks
and walked barefeet
into the snow...

i built windwills in my mind
out of sleds and a couple of sticks

i made a seesaw that
went up and down
and spun
round and round

i skated on puddles
and tapped my fingers on the cupboards
drumming up a familiar beat

i ate cornflakes on my ice cream
{and added brown sugar
to make it sweet}...

on my father's birthday
i did all the things
he taught me to do
{do do de do do
do do}

my dad is visiting las vegas right now...

one day while i was work
taking payments and listening to sad stories,
these words kept bubbling up...
so i kept a pad beside me
and jotted them down
in between customers...
and this was the result...

and the last line is something he says
all the time...
it is a frequent joke in our house...