5 minutes before i go out the door

i am reading elizabeth gilberts eat pray love.

and i have to say that i love it.
that i am devouring it.
that i am saying italian words out loud
without a fathom of how to pronounce them...

i am rereading paragraphs...
i am thinking i should be taking notes...
but then i think no,
this is a book you will read a second time...
there will be time for note taking then.

i am really really enjoying this book
and i hadn't expected to.
i am always wary of the hype
but in this case,
much deserved.

i do wonder if part of it
isn't that it has come to me
at just the right time in my life...
how maybe some of the things she is
searching for
inspire me
because maybe
i am searching for the same.