happy Canada Day...a little late!!

the past four days have been awesomely exhausting...
we have:
spent a full day preparing for and enjoying Canada Day festivities,
torn apart, switched and painted two bedrooms,
got 14's tongue pierced,
attended a family barbeque,
did a photo session at the beach and by a graffiti wall,
ate fast food way too much,
drew maple leafs in marker on 14's eyelids,
made family cds for the long drives,
slept restlessly in new rooms,
tripped over books and clothes stacked in the hallway,
chilled on the couch eating creamsicles,
laughed hard and loud and at inappropriate times...

it was a great weekend...
and now we are back to monday
and i wish i could take a little of this past weekend
and keep it in my pocket
so i could take it out every now and then
and be there again...

Happy Canada Day
{and Happy 4th, too!!}