40. forty. 40. forty. 40. forty. 40. forty. 40. forty. 40

first day of school (high school for my new pink haired punk princess} and grade six for her sweet as sugar l'il brother...

this is it.

my 40th birthday.
september 8, 2010.
40 years old.

to be honest,
i'm not sure how i feel about it yet.

i think i have written and blogged and talked
and listed and facebooked and analyzed and thought
for so long about turning 40
that now that i am {40}
i am not sure how to feel...

remember i wrote that post a few weeks ago
about thinking life would be different at this stage of my life,
how i thought life would be easier...
and it's not.

well...i'm trying to switch my focus.
so we still owe money.
so the house still needs work.
what has happened? what can i say i have achieved?
what has made me happy?

16 years together with my husband {12 years married later this week}
2 amazingly interesting thoughtful funny eccentric children
we bought a house
my current job which i hope to stay in for a long time
my family, so supportive and funny and sweet
friends from elementary school that really, really know me
new friends made
a photography show
making a go at the photography business and having my 2nd
successful summer of weddings
going to writers workshops, putting myself out there
being interview for a full page in a local paper
getting my driver's license, driving long distances in winter!
surviving going off the road 3 times last winter
blogging for over 5 years now

i'm happy...i really am.
this is my year to focus on what is good in my life
as it becomes aware to me
that everything/one that is good in my life
may not always be here
and i need to grab the moments i can...right now...
and i need to live my life...right now.
no more waiting for the right moment.

i need to start diving in.

so happy 40th birthday to me.
i'm curious to see what the year will bring.