sunday night giving thanks...

Happy Thanksgiving {if it is Thanksgiving
in your neck of the woods
like it is here...}

I have spent this weekend trying to get caught up
on editing photos from this summer's weddings...
I feel like I did get a lot accomplished
but still have a long ways to go before I hit the end...
and the funny thing is
I just keep picking up more sessions as the days go on
even though I thought I would be done by now...

I feel I have much to be thankful for and since I have been planning
on starting a weekly "list of 40"
I think I will start with 40 things I am thankful for:

1. my husband {who is sweet and funny and supportive}
2. my kids {who I adore...they make me laugh and make me proud}
3. my health
4. the health of my family, both immediate and extended
5. old friends that I have had since elementary school
6. new friends made
7. my full time every day of the week job...which I love
8. my second job...the photography business...which i also love
9. knowing that I live in freedom and safety and knowing that is not something
that I should take for granted, knowing that there are many who don't have that...
10. my camera, which has opened up a whole new world for me
11. this blog, which actually cracked open that whole new world even before the camera
12. cold diet coke in a can
13. my kia sportage which has worked well for me for a good price
14. internet connection
15. good food
16. security
17. a good sense of humor
18. the way my husband can always talk me off the ledge
19. positive feedback from friends and strangers on my photos
20. mike and ikes
21. caramel apples
22. damien rice (especially the song delicate)
23. that 15's panic attacks seem to be subsiding a little
24. that 15 spent the night at a friends' house last night...the first time in about 3 years...
25. brie cheese melted in a grilled cheese sandwich with ham
26. weekly phone calls with my mom
27. greys anatomy
28. my ipad
29. 10's excitement about his upcoming birthday
30. 10's sweetness when playing with the kids next door...he is so good with the younger kids
31. my external hard drive
32. presets
33. how today 10 suggested that I "relax for a bit from pictures and watch the Roadrunner with him" and how when I did he snuggled in beside me on the couch, his head on my shoulder...
34. crunchy fall leaves
35. the smell of woodsmoke
36. the sunrises i have been able to see lately when i leave for work
37. clarity
38. my relationship with my husband and, honest, respectful
39. lightroom
40. blog friends that feel like old friends to me now, after 5 years of following their lives and dreams and hopes and trials and successes...

and now...I am off to bed...tomorrow brings turkey and family and mayhem and giggles...
and I can't wait...