friday i'm in love...

warm wind and rain...pelting against the windows
warm house, good book, hot chocolate
soft couch, cinnamon candles

corn chowder for supper

still with the damien rice,
still obsessing over delicate
still getting chills each time i hear the first chords
of blowers daughter ...

Eleven putting on his "gaming" clothes
and telling us about how other people
just wear random clothes to play video games
but that he prefers to put on his specific gaming clothes.

the fact that Eleven's new favorite word
is whatnot.
he adds it to almost every sentence, somehow...

a new sense of calm,
of treaty
of tentative peace...
i'm not sure how long it will last
but i will take her hugs
and sporadic stories of dances
and teachers and b movies
while i can get them...