and was gone...

in the blink of an eye
it feels like it's over
and i'm left reeling a little bit...
this year it seemed so sudden
so fast, so fleeting, so quick....
other years, i have wanted to slow down
and savor the season
but this year,
this year,
i hate to say...i powered through it.
did all my shopping in one condensed trip
set my alarm for 5 am and did the wrapping...
no meat pies this year
didn't even see the grinch...

but the funny thing is
the look on their faces
when i got the routine backwards Christmas morning
and wanted them to open their Santa presents
before their stockings
was priceless...and how they automatically corrected me
at 11 and much as we want to see
what is in these Santa presents that you are so excited to see us open...

and in the end...
they were happy.
all that
to me.

and i breathe a sigh of relief that 2010 is almost over.
and i hold tight in my fist my wishes for 2011 to be an easier year...
i know it's not going to happen on it's own...
i know i have work to do to make it happen...
i am just really looking forward to that fresh start of a new year.
i am really