Comebacks and resolutions...

it is already the 15th of january
and i am just starting to feel like me again...
had a hacking cough and flu
for the past 3 weeks or so
which really knocked me down
but i'm starting to recognize me again...

i have been working on some resolutions
and feel good about what i have so far,
i feel like it encompasses many of the
aspects of my life that i feel have been
suffering over the past year
let's face it
2010 was not my best year.

but 2011?
2011 still feels fresh and shiny and new
like a blank page
waiting for me to make my mark.

2011 Resolutions::

1. to be healthier-eat better, exercise, drink more water
{my goal this time: energy...i'm not focusing on weight}

2. to make more connections with like minded people,
in real life as well as in the internet be more social

3. to push myself out of my comfort zone more often and in
new ways...

4. to read more and watch less mindless tv

5. to work on our debt

6. to enjoy more quality time, more present-in-the-moment time
with S. and the kids and my family and friends

7. to cut out Diet Coke

8. to make some progress on my Mondo Beyondo Grande list.

i feel good about this list and i feel good about my word
for 2011...which is going to be connect.
i feel that this embodies a lot of what i want to accomplish
this year, i have gotten too comfortable just being home...
i want to step out of that comfort zone...
there are many things on my Mondo Beyondo list
that are not going to get accomplished
if i don't start putting myself out there and making some connections.

Connect. As a verb. As a plan. As a step forward.