middle of March and I'm still doing resolutions?

originally i wrote 8 resolutions in january
but then
i read the happiness project
and expanded on my initial resolutions
which now look like this:

1. to be healthier: eat, exercise: GOAL energy
2. to make more connections with like-minded people: GOAL happiness
3. to push myself out of my comfort zone more and in new ways: GOAL happiness
4. to read more and watch less tv: GOAL personal growth
5. to work on our debt: GOAL peace of mind
6. to enjoy more time with S & the kids (and friends and family): GOAL happiness
7. to move forward on my Mondo Beyondo list: GOAL personal growth
8. to cut out diet coke: GOAL health
9. to move forward in my career: GOAL peace of mind, security
10. to develop a rhythm to the photography business and alleviate stress: GOAL personal growth, peace of mind
11. to find the time, energy and resources to be creative every day: GOAL happiness
12. to make our house somewhere that we are happy to have people over: GOAL happiness

then the next thing that i want to do
is look at this and figure out
how i can move forward
on every front
a little bit at time,
looking for a concrete, measureable
manageable plan of action.

i think that if i looked carefully at each resolution
i could find a number of goals within
to be healthier means to
eat better, keep a food diary, drink more water, walk more, etc...

and then, i want a resolution chart...
{i like charts...and checkmarks...and stickers!!}

i have been keeping a bit of a journal...along the lines of:
as of such&such a date, i have
done the following things to meet these specific resolutions...
and that has been working ok for me
i kind of like the idea of a chart...
i'm a geek of grand proportions,
what can i say?