Poems and poetry and words and rhythm...

i am behind...but still want to play...
i completely forgot that april is national poetry month...
other years i have done napowrimo
and written/posted a poem a day (or at least gave it my best shot)
but this year
i want to do something different.

instead i have made up a list for myself
a list of 30 ways that i can fit poetry into my month of april
some were my own ideas but others were borrowed from here and here...
{lots of amazing ideas that could carry you through many months of poetry}

but here is my list for April...{not expecting to do specifically in this order}
  1.  read a poem out loud
  2. put a poem on the fridge {done april 11/11}
  3. write out the song lyrics to a song i like  {done april 5/11}
  4. pick a photo and write a poem
  5. write a poem about your lunch
  6. go to a poetry reading  {done april 7/11}
  7. leave a poem in a random place
  8. memorize a poem
  9. illustrate a poem
  10. listen to a poet read their own poetry (audio/podcast/youtube) {done...ee cummings..}
  11. put a poem in a letter {and mail it}
  12. put a poem on the pavement in chalk
  13. sign up for a poetry class or workshop
  14. April 14 is Poem-in-a-Pocket day...carry a poem in your pocket, share it if you like...
  15. look for poetry apps for the ipad
  16. leave a poem in odd, random places in the house for the kids to find
  17. read a book of poetry outside, in your car, in the bathtub, walking down the sidewalk
  18. go to a bookstore and just look at random poetry books {done april 7th...indigo}
  19. invite people to trade their favorite poems by mail
  20. write a poem using unexpected materials
  21. read poetry makers-interviews with writers of children's poetry
  22. start a poetry journal
  23. read "how to read a poem"
  24. turn a shopping list or to do list into a poem
  25. get a poetry recommendation from someone else...read it with an open mind
  26. make a list of your most loved poems
  27. read up on poetic forms
  28. visit an art museum for poetic inspiration
  29. write a letter to a favorite poet
  30. create and share a list of poetry ideas for the month of april..........DO THE LIST.
i would love it if you played along...share your list, share your poems...put yourself out of your comfort zone...