creativity bootcamp...

creativity bootcamp..., originally uploaded by gkgirl.
where have i been
what have i been doing
who am i now
compared to who i was yesterday,
a week ago,
two weeks ago...
a year ago

have i changed
am i new
am i improved
am i growing
am i ok with who i am
am i proud of who i am


i think i am.

i am sitting in a little cafe right now
typing in the corner
as always
but full of words.

i have been doing the creativity bootcamp
borrowing internet when and where i can...
i am almost at the end of the natalie goldberg book
{am i repeating myself, i don't even know anymore...}
i will be sad to see it end {and if i have said that before,
it bears repeating...}

i apologize for the randomness of this...
i don't know when i will have computer access again
so i am trying to jam it all in to one rambling session of confession.

i did the page above after a prompt from the creativity bootcamp
to get messy, to get dirty, to get down and out and under the covers...
ok...i made that up, but it did say to get messy.