number 70 of my mondo beyondo grande life list....

70.  hear margaret atwood read.

and i have.
i have finally seen her in person,
in a beautiful theatre
with my best friend beside me
and gilt ceilings and
a boy/girl band of two playing tori amos-like piano
with smatterings of an accordian.

and it was as amazing as i had ever hoped.

she read from oryx and crake...
she was funny and witty and tiny and
it took my breath away when she came onstage
this woman whom i have identified with
so many times,
always wondering if its because she is canadian
or female or a little odd...or was it that combination of all
three that made me read so many lines and
say..."that is me...that is me right those words...
in that line..."

one of my favorite lines of hers was
"she is on the edge of being drunk, she is bitter." often i recognized myself in that sentence.

so hurray to diminutive whirlwind powerhouse voices
and hurray to crossing number 70
off my list...