saturday seven

7 things that caught my eye
made me gasp
made me wish i knew how to play a guitar
made me want to grab a pen...
made my mouth water
and my heart beast fast...

1.  gorgeous red shoes how could not be happy in these shoes!

2.  a blog that i have read for a long time, but i wanted to mention her again today...
because her wring and photography never fails to blow my mind!

3.  and she also led me to number three...where i was mesmerized by her hands...

4.  i can't wait to see this movie...even though george has never been a favorite of mine...but...i'm fickle.

5.  and maybe i should make these to eat while watching the movie...mmmmm...caution..clicking on link will cause excessive mouth watering.

6.  how could you not looooooooove this?  the fact the one i clicked on was from say anything was the clincher...the second thing was that it involved many lego men...i'm hooked

7.  and newest addiction...i know you have probably already seen this but i have been hooked in a major bad intravenous DT kinda felt the need to share...and hook others...

and that's my saturday seven...hoping to be a regular feature here in geekland...should i ever get's to hoping.