reflection inflection detection connection...

i am who i am
and i am ok with that...
i am vanilla scented candles and
extra strength tylenol.
i am cold pepsi poured in a muted green
diet coke mug made of heavy, thick glass.
i am friendly
but not social.
i am open to new ideas
but i hate small talk.
i am a worth adversary
but i am also a turtle...
a hermit when it comes to conflict.
i need time to think, to reason, to decide what to say and how to say it.
i am made up of many parts,
of shards of shiny things...
bits and baubles, paper and string.
i am a glass container of words and images,
filtered through my eyes
tasted on my skin
felt in the heat of my hands...
of my heart.
i am onion skin
{thin and easily hurt} and
elephant skin
{tough and resiliant and i never forget to hold a grudge}.
i am silence.
i am nervous energy.
i am withdrawl
and addiction.

i am vague
like the tiny wisps
of smoke
that fade away
from a