til debt do us part...

i am reading
and was surprised by
some of the questions
she suggests you ask yourself...

things like
what matters to you
what to you want...what do you dream
what makes you happy
what is the one thing you feel defines who YOU are
who do you respect...and why
where do you wish you were in your life
what do you think the future holds

i spent about two hours on this on Saturday morning,
tucked up warm in bed
with a mug of sugary cinnamony tea
and thought about these questions.

i have been struggling to get to the page
{pretty obvious by the scarcity of my posts}
and want to get back in the saddle, back on track
get going again
and thought i might use this as a bit of
jumping point...
something that i can look back on
and hopefully
see how far i have come.