a new year...

this is probably the longest i have ever gone
without blogging...
our internet was involuntarily shut off
over christmas
as we dealt with other bills and had to let some
but we are back now
and i have to say
the break {was not easy} but was kind of therapeutic...
and now i'm ready to jump right back into things...
i'm ready to take on 2012
and make it
my year.

and so far,
it's been pretty good!
my husband and i joined the gym,
i got a new position that eliminates my hour long commute...
and it's something i love doing!
i just dropped off some work for a new art exhibit
that is going to run for two months...
and to push myself a little out of my
comfort zone,
i added a couple of paintings that i attempted...
{and am still a little tender about...heh}

this was the mini write up i provided about myself
{do you know how hard it is to write about yourself in the third person??}
does it sound too weird?  i was going for quirky...but am scared i blurred the line
and yes...because i'm still shy, i changed my name below...i can't help it.

Feb/March exhibit featured in the ...  series will be Pulling Myself into Focus by  photographer "gkgirl". The exhibit is a collection of photos taken over the past few years by the photographer. Inspired by words and blogs and nature and rust, she attempts to find out more about herself by observing what she is drawn to from the other side of the camera. She is a self taught photographer who enjoys long blocks of unaccounted-for time and permanent markers.

so far, 2012 is pretty damn good.