cinnamon heart overdose of truth on a wednesday

it's the day after valentine's day
and i have eaten
so many cinnamon hearts
my mouth is on fire
but yet,
i still can't stop.

i'm a roller coaster
up and down
happy at work
but feeling like a parent
that dropped the ball
on a decision
{or not made depending on how you look at it}
3 years ago
coming back to haunt us now

the house is like a train wreck
clutter exploding from it's seams
and i don't have the energy
to even think about it
much less
anything about it

so instead
i sit here at the computer
and i daydream about
spring days
as i tell myself it's ok that i made a mistake,
{suck it up buttercup and move on...
its what you do from this point out}
and i eat
the last
of the cinnamon hearts.