the skirt i crushed on...

everytime i went into smart set
the girl that worked there
would be wearing
the skirt.

it was a burnt copper-y
reddish kind of orange
that made me think
of fall
and backpacks
and the taste of woodsmoke
at the back
of your throat.

a-line and light as a feather silky smooth material.
i bet you could float like a helium balloon in it,
i bet you would feel like air.

last night i went into smart set
and there was a different girl working,
a girl who dressed all in black,
like me.

i don't wear color.

hardly ever ever.

i checked the sale rack
as i always do
{i am frugal as well as consistent}
and there it was
in a flash of bright red orange swinging-ness
and the girl in black
anything with a pink tag
is 25% off the lowest price.

sold to the girl who doesn't wear color.