there are a number of things that I know right now...

i know that the chocolate brownies in the oven right
this very second
are making my mouth water and my stomach growl
even though
i just ate a huge thanksgiving meal at my parent's house.

i know that although i am feeling
totally overwhelmed with all the other things going on in my life right now
{lots of them good things, but overwhelming nonetheless}
i am also feeling an extremely hard gut-punching pull
towards finding time to notice me again...
to play, to look inside, to express, to relax, to create.

i know that when i look at blogs like this and this,
my heart burns and my stomach jumps and my fingers itch
to start, to delve back into that part of my life...
to write, to make things, to do things just for me again...
as much as i love doing weddings and photo sessions,
that can't be where all my creativity goes...

i know that being at my parent's house
again today for the first time in forever-it-feels
was competely and totally awesome.
watching my brothers playfight with 12-almost-13
and 17, too...just like when she was a kid
made me so unbelievably, unbearably happy...
it was good day, a day to be thankful for.